Saturday, September 13, 2008

Mikey Bo Art Revealed For A.T.O.

Mikey Bo's camp of The Bluri Music Group ( and Unique Streak ( unveiled some image art for Bo's upcoming project entitled, A.T.O.. No new information was given on the project once new images surfaced. Recent reports on other blogs have suggested two tracks will be leaking this Fall. The records, "Bo (The Introduction)" & "Beats Made" were the first two hints of eventual buzz records to begin promo on the project.

Bo cut over thirty records for the A.T.O. project, in under two weeks, at The Platinum Recording Studio. An EP has also been rumored to leak on itunes in 2009 so fans and critics alike can begin to gather some of those records for viewing. The tracks on the EP will be of those not making the cut on his debut project, A.T.O.., only because they didn't fit the mold of the project as well as some the others. Records such as "Temper" & "You Don't Want Anymore Problems" were given as possible examples of club records to start the stir on his EP promo. Bo metioned them as some of his favorite tracks with DJ Vee on XM's Hip Hop Talk Radio Show. Mikey Bo stated, "these records were real experimental and meant more for a overseas ear." "I just wanted to experiment with some off sounds and I really liked them and I don't know if they'd fit too well with the tracklisting compiled for A.T.O.." Bo's camp plans on releasing all thirty cuts in the near future so all songs can be heard in due time.

In other news, Mikey Bo is hard at work with his graphic company Unique Streak on the relaunch of and it's online community. Both set to relaunch this fall. Bo is also working hard on outside production projects with new artists such as, Freestyle, Marcellus, Jacob Mather, Prestege, Case Calcaterra, Young Trev, Cirle Troop, P.S., Logan Houston, Tyler Evans, Blake Kempton, Bethany Hamm, Gabriel Young, Lil Zout, Jinx & many more.

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