Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mikey Bo Make's Appearance With Miami's DJ Khaled


The Nebraska top gun appeared on DJ Khaled's [Drive At 5] show today. Remember this guy? DJ Ski? DJ Mikey Bo? His mastered disc jockey persona awarded him International recognition in 2007 & 2008. Mikey Bo won 'BATTLE OF THE NATIONS DJ's', right here in Miami in 2006, and since, his career has been followed by many hopefuls of a mainstream launch. Bo's back in the saddle for 2011 gunning for just that. He announced his return to DJ work to Khaled with hopes to enter the mainstream market. Bo plans to abandon his underground sample-mastery and work more within the top-40 market within his productions and DJ work.

The pair can be heard trading jokes regarding Bo's old 'tricks of the trade' on the tables, the evolution of Miami's sound over the past year & Mikey's own lyrical flows. Khaled challenged Mikey Bo to a FREESTYLE-OFF at a local bar in the evening, and Bo laughingly replies "i'd bury him." Khaled picked friendly fun with DJ for the majority of the show. Khaled furthered his banter by stating to his listener's that 'Mikey Bo could drink any Ni**a under the table, HANDS DOWN!"

Khaled invited Bo to co-host and appear on the segment regarding his first mixtape release within his solo material. Mikey Bo states "my solo material is just puddy-play right now, so we will see how I evolve with it, if at all." "Right now, i'm just playing Khaled." "Let a boy play."

Khaled then states "Play-away Mikey Bo, cause this record is forest fire." Mikey Bo released his first mixtape single entitled "aii" on the show. Khaled praised the record and suggested to Bo he would be eagerly waiting for his 'BIG SINGLE' in the spring of 2011. Bo replied, "I'm already hard at work on it sir."

Mikey Bo also held a segment on KROWM INC. (officially pronounced chrome). KROWM (www.krowm.com) is Mikey Bo's new company & will be launching this coming year. KROWM MUSIC is already underway. Bo discussed his new cast of talent to debut next year on his KROWM imprint. Artist's such as John Boy, The Klassiks, Monica Olivera & Jacob Mather were all noted by Mikey today, to be releasing material in 2011.