Friday, September 19, 2008

Mikey Bo Reinvents Rascal Flatts Record For "Hip Hop Honors Mixtape"

The "Hip Hop Honors" Mixtape Collection was released today. The EP featured a number of rock, country, easy listening and adult contemporary records mixed for the Hip Hop ear. Producers such as Kanye West, Timbaland, Oak & System Central assisted on the remixing efforts. Tracks from Dido, Tori Amos, Enigma, Enya, Dixie Chicks & The Rascal Flatts were among those chosen. The records were meant to broadcast the evolution of Hip Hop in an experimental way.

The Mikey Bo remix to The Rascal Flatts, "What Hurts The Most" is a keeper and one of his best yet.

The Rascal Flatts - What Hurts The Most (Mikey Bo Remix)

Def Jam Knabs Mikey Bo Remix For Rihanna's "Disturbia"

Mikey Bo keeps banging out the official remixes. Rihanna and Def Jam records just sealed their released of Mikey's version of disturbia. The record is making it's rounds across the net. Many argue that it's crushing the original. Def Jam leaked the song to a number of prominent hip hop blogs last week. Their is another version of a rapper named Fieldhouse floating around that added to its zip. We will post a version on here for your viewing.
Rihanna - Disturbia (Mikey Bo Remix)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Mikey Bo Art Revealed For A.T.O.

Mikey Bo's camp of The Bluri Music Group ( and Unique Streak ( unveiled some image art for Bo's upcoming project entitled, A.T.O.. No new information was given on the project once new images surfaced. Recent reports on other blogs have suggested two tracks will be leaking this Fall. The records, "Bo (The Introduction)" & "Beats Made" were the first two hints of eventual buzz records to begin promo on the project.

Bo cut over thirty records for the A.T.O. project, in under two weeks, at The Platinum Recording Studio. An EP has also been rumored to leak on itunes in 2009 so fans and critics alike can begin to gather some of those records for viewing. The tracks on the EP will be of those not making the cut on his debut project, A.T.O.., only because they didn't fit the mold of the project as well as some the others. Records such as "Temper" & "You Don't Want Anymore Problems" were given as possible examples of club records to start the stir on his EP promo. Bo metioned them as some of his favorite tracks with DJ Vee on XM's Hip Hop Talk Radio Show. Mikey Bo stated, "these records were real experimental and meant more for a overseas ear." "I just wanted to experiment with some off sounds and I really liked them and I don't know if they'd fit too well with the tracklisting compiled for A.T.O.." Bo's camp plans on releasing all thirty cuts in the near future so all songs can be heard in due time.

In other news, Mikey Bo is hard at work with his graphic company Unique Streak on the relaunch of and it's online community. Both set to relaunch this fall. Bo is also working hard on outside production projects with new artists such as, Freestyle, Marcellus, Jacob Mather, Prestege, Case Calcaterra, Young Trev, Cirle Troop, P.S., Logan Houston, Tyler Evans, Blake Kempton, Bethany Hamm, Gabriel Young, Lil Zout, Jinx & many more.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Who’s Best-Best?

Timbaland Protégé’s Battle Off Over Missy Elliott’s “Best-Best” Single

Old school rap battles still take place on every street across the country. Beat battles have always surfaced amongst mixtapes and underground disc scratching contests but not too often do you see battles taking place across mainstream radio. Elliott always seems to have a trick up her sleeve and she did just that to get the promo started on her seventh studio album entitled, “Block Party.” The battle between Danjahandz and Mikey Bo’s production styles has officially begun over Elliott’s “Best Best” single. Both main stage producers remained under the working thumb of Timbaland years prior, now, both are breaking out on their own production tip. Missy Elliott enticed the festivities by releasing two versions of her debut single, one from each producer. The release comes street style; on the vote of who’s track is hotter. Danjahandz has already won the knod (according to Atlantic Records release information} ( However, the Mikey Bo version is crawling across radio stations and internet blogs faster than the original. So, why did Mikey Bo get the snub? Atlantic chose the Danjahandz production over Bo’s due to “branding” and “rankings” in comparison to Mikey‘s current status.

Bo hasn’t branded himself enough and remains too quiet in retrospect to Danja’s higher buzz within the industry. Bo commented on the single and Atlantic’s response, via telephone, stating; “I love the Danja single and I’m just happy Missy is coming back with her seventh album.” “She’s one of my idols and it’s just an honor to touch anything she’s involved in regardless of the outcome for myself.” “Sometimes the love for your craft comes before a dollar sign and just touching the song was honor enough for me.” “I’m also a big fan of Nathans (Danja) and the work he’s doing right now is amazing and I couldn’t be happier for him.” Bo was also put on the spot when asked about his work on his rumored debut album. His response: [a laugh, a short pause, another laugh and then a muttered,] “well, I’m just working on lots and don’t have too much to say about all that I guess.” Bo still won’t budge on any talk regarding his project. Mikey Bo is set to release a remixed track with Keri Hilson next week titled, “Energy.” Bo also has been rumored to be producing LL Cool J’s new artist “Izzo.”

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Houston Rapper “Baby Jay” Collabs With Mikey Bo On New Records

With the release of his debut hip-hop album, “Keepin It Real“, Baby Jay is delivering a message often overlooked or ignored by many of today’s rap artist. Baby Jay, also known as Jonathan Gutierrez in his school, gives a message of unity, hope, and encouragement to the youth of today. In the wake of the all turmoil in the public school system, Baby Jay’s message is being welcomed with open arms by many of his peers in school, as well as school districts across the State of Texas with no signs of slowing down. Baby Jay, 16-years old, was born and raised in Galena Park/Houston, Texas.

Baby Jay distinguishes himself from the typical associations of today’s popular rap artists. While popular rap music often contain a message of praise to the material things in life, Baby Jay’s message is one that is rooted in reality towards doing the right thing. A stance that was a trigger for Nebraska born producer, Mikey Bo. Intrigued by the rare and commended message Baby Jay was sending to his fans, Mikey Bo immediately accepted the opportunity to work with Jay. Bo’s admiration for Jay only excelled once the pair began recording. Mikey Bo and Baby Jay have officially released the remix to Jay’s debut single, “Keepin it Real“. The ‘Mikey Bo Remix’ can be found below. Bo also worked with Jay on a few other records expected to be on his debut album coming in 2008.

On April 28, 2007, Baby Jay’s music video “Don’t Laugh at Me” received the prestige Remi Award at the World Film/Video Festival! In August 2007, Baby Jay became one of the youngest voting members of the Recording Academy, also known as the Grammy's in Texas! May 4th will forever be known as Baby Jay Day in Galena Park, TX and May 16th will forever be known as Baby Jay Day in Houston/Harris County! Also on May 16th, 2008 Baby Jay received the Key to the City of Houston! He's the first rapper and the youngest to receive it!

Baby Jay's anticipated album "Keepin It Real" now available online on his websites including and the anticipated re-release CD "Keepin It Real" Part II will hit stores Fall 2008!

Baby Jay - Keepin It Real (Part 2) (Prod. By Mikey Bo)

Baby Jay - Keepin It Real (Part 2) (Mikey Bo Instrumental)

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Nebraska Producer Scores With Lil Wayne: Lands Official Remix To "Lollipop"

Lil' Wayne & Static Major's Billboard smash "Lollipop" has been cleaned up, polished and perfected by Mikey Bo of Icon One Music to the next needed level. Which would seem hard to do, to many, since the record is currently ranked at the number one position on the Billboard Top 100. "Mikey Bo's stamp on projects seems to keep raising the bar on "bad ass-ness" according to DJ KHALED. Khaled, today, who broken the remix on his station in Miami, FL was quite impressed with it and so were his listeners.

Static Major (the original producer of the record, close friend and mentor to Mikey Bo) died in a Louisville, KY hospital (Feb. 25) at the young age of 33. No autopsy has been performed, but according to media insider Sandra Rose, the producer (born Stephen Garrett) is rumored to have died from a brain aneurysm. Static was a member of the Def Jam group Playa in the late '90s.

His biggest success, though, was Aaliyah's chart topping "Try Again" featured on the 2000 "Romeo Must Die" soundtrack. He also is credited for other heavy hitters like Ginuwine's "Pony," "Luv to Luv Ya" by Timbaland and Pretty Ricky's "On The Hotline" among a long list of others.

Lil Wayne (feat Static Major) - Lollipop (Mikey Bo Remix)

Lil Wayne )feat Static Major) - Lollipop (MIkey Bo Remix) INSTRUMENTAL

Monday, April 28, 2008

Raz B (Of B2K) & Mikey Bo Still Plan To Record Joint Album

Both Mikey Bo & Raz B have confirmed that an album has been in the works for some time now. Schedule conflicts seem to be restricting the project from launching or even pushing a buzz single to our ears. Mikey Bo and Raz B did release one record together entitled, "Fire." The track is slamming and can be downloaded and previewed below.

Raz-B is most famous for being a member of the multi platinum selling boy band B2K. Born in Ohio and as a multi-platinum-selling artist, he developed his production talents and business sensibilities early on while also assisting in organizing the group's tours and performances

Raz B is to continue his career in the music industry. Part of his agenda is the release of a compilation record project that will convey positive messages and in his words, "bring families together." Distributed through his newly created production company, RazBeatz Entertainment: Heal the World will feature collaborations with a host of emerging artists.

Leading up to his official unveiling as a soloist, Raz released his first debut single, “Fire” in May of 2007. “Fire” officially debuted on the Billboard charts (the week of 5/12/07) on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles Sales charts debuting at #2 and also hitting the Billboard Hot Singles Sales charts at #11.

Raz has future plans to release his autobiography, which will be both reflective and revealing to many of his fans. Additionally, projects on the immediate horizon include television, film properties, charity ventures (Soulie Jolie Project) and several international ventures.

Raz B (feat Freestye) - Fire (Mikey Bo Production)

Raz B (feat Freestye) - Fire (Mikey Bo Production) INSTRUMENTAL

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Mikey Bo Add's Production Contributions To Recording Artist; J-Eye's Debut Album

Three Mikey Bo productions have leaked online and are expected to be released on J-Eye's debut album "iBelieve" coming this summer. All three of those records can be previewed and downloaded below.

J-Eye is no stranger to heavy's within the music business. Working with Super-Producer Timbaland gave J-Eye the confidence to believe that he has what it takes to make it in the music industry. During his time in Miami, J-Eye worked along side Tim where he received a chance to be around the likes of Missy, Petey Pablo, Jennifer Lopez, Scott Storch, Baby & Mannie Fresh of Cash Money Records and hit-making producer Danja.

It was a real priviledge for J-Eye to be working out of the world famous Hit Factory. While working out of the Hit Factory J-Eye spent his time observing and writing to every track that Timbaland played, praying that one day Tim would ask to hear what he had down on paper, Tim did him one better by asking him to hop on a record. J-Eye wrote his verse in less then 10 minutes, laid it down in two takes and when he got out the booth Timbaland must’ve had whip-lash because his head was rocking the entire time. Tim then said something J-Eye will never forget, he said, "Dam Boy, U Got Dat Hop!" the next day he put him on a track with Petey Pablo.
Both Timbaland and Danja have added to the production of J-Eye's forthcoming album as well.

J-Eye (feat Freestyle) - She Gotta Be Out There (Mikey Bo Production)

J-Eye - Need More (Mikey Bo Production)

J-Eye (feat Freestyle) - You On It (Mikey Bo Production)

Jesse McCartney Snags New Mikey Bo Remix For Promo Lineup

McCartney has added a new remix to his promotional campaign for his new single "Leavin". The Mikey Bo, official remix, has now leaked on the internet. The Icon One Music effort can be downloaded below.

Mikey Bo has remixed a number of record this past year to begin his own promotional production effort. Bo is expected to be remixing a number of billboard hits this year.
In 2007 Jesse McCartney proved he has musical talents to share beyond a focus simply on his own performing. "Bleeding Love," a song he co-wrote with OneRepublic's Ryan Tedder, and recorded by rising pop star Leona Lewis, became the UK's biggest hit song of the year in 2007.
Fortunately, for his fans, Jesse McCartney has shifted his attention back to singing with a new album Departure due in stores May 20, 2008. The first single is "Leavin'" produced by red-hot The-Dream and Tricky Stewart. Listen to "Leavin'" and let us know your snap judgment!

Jesse McCartney - Leavin (Mikey Bo Remix)

Mikey Bo Adds His Zip To Timbaland's "The Way I Are"

Mikey Bo might be giving Timbaland a good run for his money on his newest version of "Way I Are" Both Keri and D.O.E. can be heard showing gratitude for Bo's latest mix on the record. The version we are sporting on this page is cleaned out for a nice quality MP3. However, we also uploaded to version featuring Keri and D.O.E. shouting out their support.

Timbaland (feat. Keri Hilson & D.O.E.) - The Way I Are (Mikey Bo Remix) Clean MP3

Timbaland (feat. Keri Hilson & D.O.E.) - The Way I Are (Mikey Bo Remix) SHOUT VERSION

Kat DeLuna Add's "Mikey Bo Remix" To New Single "Am I Dreamin"

Kat DeLuna has been burning up American radio this past year. One of her latest singles "Am I Dreamin" off her debut album has been geared up. Remixes from both Akon & Mikey Bo have both backed the singles promotional push. Bohuslavsky tied two remixes in on his set. One features more of an untempo club esque while they other fits the original mixes island feel.

Today, KAT is signed to GMB MUSIC GROUP/EPIC RECORDS as a solo artist and is hard at work in the studio everyday. In addition to her great recording work ethic, her days are filled with vocal classes, dance lessons, and the gym. With the attitude that she'll do whatever it takes to make it, KATs hard work is already beginning to pay off.

KAT is a rare find in that she is the complete package. KAT is a quadruple threat with her dancing, singing, writing abilities and the ideal image, which makes it effortless for her to connect with her audience. KAT has the work ethic, maturity, and the crossover appeal necessary to not only make it in this hard business, but to do so on an international level.

Enjoy her collaboration with Mikey Bo!!!!!!!!

Kat DeLuna - Am I Dreamin (Mikey Bo Remix)

Kat DeLuna - Am I Dreamin (Mikey Bo Remix) UNRELEASED VERSION

Jay-Z's New Def Jam Signee "Pittsburgh Slim" Collabs With Mikey Bo On New Record

Mikey Bo added some production to Pittsburgh Slim's debut album under the Def Jam Record's imprint. The record "Pretty Boy" can be found within this blog for download and on Slim's debut album "Tastemaker".

The half-Mexican, half-Algerian Chahrour first came on the scene in 1996 when he helped form Pittsburgh's popular rap crew Strict Flow. The group pressed their own debut album, Homegrown, in 1997 before being signed to J-Live's Raw Shack label in 1999. That same year their "People on Lock" single appeared, but the title to their 2002 release Without Further Ado referenced how slow things were moving for the crew. They dissolved after the album's release, so Slim was off to Los Angeles to get closer to the music business. He waited tables by day and shopped his music by night until his longing to see "Girls Kiss Girls" turned into a song. The incredibly infectious song began breaking on radio not in L.A., but back home in Pittsburgh, thanks to the city's KISS FM radio station. From there it began to make an impression on both coasts and offers to relaunch the single came in from some high-profile labels. None of the labels were looking for an album, and while Slim was well aware the song was a novelty hit, he also knew he still had the indie rap skills that made Strict Flow well respected, so he held out for a long-term deal. He got it after a meeting with Def Jam executive Jay-Z. The label released Slim's seven-track Tastemaker at the end of 2007. It was promoted by a "Girls Kiss Girls" video featuring Penthouse's 2007 Pet of the Year runner-up, Krista Ayne.

Pittsburgh Slim - Pretty Boy (Mikey Bo Production)

Mikey Bo Add's New Style To Nebraska Tunnel Walk

Mikey Bo has proved over the years within his career he isn't scared to attempt much. He def. proved that with his risky attempt on Nebraska's famed football entrance. In one of the most controversial add's to Mikey Bo's resume, "The Nebraska Tunnel Walk" was confirmed to have been flipped by the Nebraska native. Mikey Bo still won't speak too much on his involvement with The University Of Nebraska on his work. Since, Bo's tunnel walk production has appeared on a number of other networks such as; ESPN & CSTV. Both networks have been rocking it out for commericials on advertising for their football and basketball seasons (which seems to be on regular rotation).

Bo mentioned his involvement on the project was one of the most risky tasks of his career. A brief interview from Bo regarding this can be seen on ( or on some of those message boards for the obsessive husker fans(laughs).

Bo was told to work with cinema aspects to theme the video music that year and chose to work with Charlie Clouser and gained rights to the song to add his flare. "The Saw" movie theme was flipped by Bohuslavsky quite well and he also added in "The War Of The Worlds" siren to send chills through the Nebraska faithful.

Mikey Bo did mention he would not work on any music for the 2008 season and rumors have been circulating that Bo pulled this record from the University, mid-season, last year for unknown reasons.

A download of this song can be found here:

Husker Tunnel Walk - Husker Beat (Mikey Bo Production)

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Justin Timberlake & Mikey Bo Release A Pair Of Remixes

Justin Timberlake & Mikey Bo are no strangers to each other. They've been linked through Timbaland's production demise and have enjoyed working on a few records together over the years. The pair have collided on their own efforts this year, both merging remixes to his hit singles, "My Love" & "What Goes Around Comes Around". The Bohuslavsky remix to "My Love" was also co-produced by Timberlake where you can enjoy a classic JT beat-box in the background mashed with one from Mikey Bo as well. History in the making on these flips?

Justin has also been linked to a unreleased song produced by Bo entitled, "Rock Star" which still has not surfaced on the internet at this time.

Enjoy these smashes taken off of Justin Timberlake's official website forum!!!!

Justin Timberlake - What Goes Around Comes Around (Mikey Bo Remix)

Justin Timberlake (feat Freestyle) - My Love (Mikey Bo Remix) EXTENDED VERSION

Mikey Bo & Freestyle Set Pace To Become Next Dynamic Duo In Hip Hop

Freestyle & Mikey Bo have blessed the music scene with hit after hit. It's been near impossible to keep up with all the recent leaks and releases. We've been able to keep a good tap on whats surfaced across the internet the past few months. This post list's a good portion of those underground hits.

Free & Mikey have become close friends throughout their journey as both have noted in interviews over the past year. Additionally, they have both noted to have recorded over 50 tracks together thus far and don't plan on them stoppping anytime soon. The sounds keep getting better and better from the pair and they've turned more industry heads than expected.

They've already been tapped as the next "Jay-Z & Timbaland" threat of the future. Enjoy these anthems. They are quite amazing, here are just a few.

Freestyle - Bluegrass (Mikey Bo Production)

Freestyle - Floorhead (Mikey Bo Production)

Freestyle - Get It On (Mikey Bo Production)

Freestyle (feat. Jay-Z) - Goodbye (Mikey Bo Production)

Atlantic Records, Pop Sensation, "Keke Palmer" Taps Mikey Bo For Remix

Mikey Bo released his single with Keke Palmer recently. Bo was asked to spice up her sizzler single, "Keep It Movin". The remix has been burning up the internet circuit quite well.

Keke is an accomplished singer/songwriter and just recently signed a major recording contract with Atlantic Records. Although she had offers from three other major labels, Keke felt strongly that Atlantic was the right place for her, after all, it is the label that launched the careers of legendary artists such as, Aretha Franklin & Ray Charles.

Palmer made her acting debut in the movie Barbershop as Gina's niece, and between 2004 and 2006, she appeared in episodes of several television series, including Cold Case, Strong Medicine, ER, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Just Jordan, and was subsequently cast in two films released in 2006: playing a supporting part in Madea's Family Reunion and starring as the lead character, Akeelah Anderson, a young girl from South Los Angeles who attempts to win a spelling bee, in Akeelah and the Bee. Akeelah and the Bee was released on April 28, 2006, and Palmer's performance has received several positive notices, including praise from film critic Roger Ebert
The record recorded with Mikey Bo can be found here:

Keke Palmer - Keep It Movin (Mikey Bo Remix)

Mikey Bo Production Leaks Showcasing New Artist; Ron Noodles

Ron Noodles leaked a new promotional single entitled, "Scandal" which has been reveleaed to have been produced by Mikey Bo. The record resembles a house club anthem with a typical, Mikey Bo, hip-hop twist. The record has blasted blogs across the internet the past few weeks. Ron Noodles is a rap artist from Pittsburgh and can be found at this myspace link;

The single is red hot and can be downloaded here:

Ron Noodles - Scandal (Mikey Bo Production)

Mikey was also noted to have produced around six songs for Noodles. Another record, "Pimpinopoly" featuring FREESTYLE has burned up on the underground circuit. That record can be found here:

Ron Noodles (feat Freestyle) - Pimpinopoly (Mikey Bo Production)

Britney Spears Teams With Mikey Bo For "Gimme More" Remix

It's only fitting for Mikey Bo to be working with Britney Spears. Jive Records has gained its latest Britney push behind the newest remix to 'Gimme More'. Bohuslavsky teamed back with Icon One Music to allow for production on this official remix to Spears' hit single "Gimme More" Britney & Jive hand picked Mikey Bo to add his sizzle to her smash. The remix is quite the banger.

Mikey Bo's friend in production crime Danjahandz (Another Timbaland protege) was the main producer of the original single 'Gimme More'. Mikey Bo did, however; submit music into Spears' latest project but unfortunately never made the cut on any of his offerings.

You can download the official remix here:

Britney Spears - Gimme More (Mikey Bo Remix)

Britney Spears - Gimme More (Mikey Bo Remix INSTRUMENTAL)

Mikey Bo Prepping Solo Material???

The internet chatrooms won't let this topic die down. Many have come forth stating Mikey Bo is indeed recording solo material. Bohuslavsky denied this report at Kid Rock's 50th Grammy Celebration concert a few days ago, stating:

"Nothing is really being put together for a solo career, I'm just working on music, nothing really to look into other than that."

Mikey Bo's management, Mood Swing 360 ( has neither confirmed or denied the report. However, artists such as Bubba Sparxxx, Timbaland and Freestyle all have been quoted stating he has been putting work in the booth. Hopefully new information will leak soon on this possibility. Mikey Bo is also rumored to be working on the project with Icon One Music of Omaha, Neb.

Mikey Bo To Appear At 50th Annual Grammy Tour With Kid Rock & Gretchen Wilson

Mikey Bo was scheduled to open for Kid Rock & Gretchen Wilson, April 23rd at The Grananda Theeatre in Dallas, Texas. It was confirmed that Bohuslavsky was indeeed there and performed a set and Disc Jockey'd the show for both acts. Kid Rock, rapper Busta Rhymes and R&B singer Seal highlight the remaining dates of the first-ever Grammy Celebration Tour. The tour, presented by the Recording Academy in conjunction with T-Mobile, features Grammy-winning and -nominated artists, and will hit four additional venues throughout the month, featuring Busta Rhymes and Missy Elliot.

Rumors hit the interview yesterday that both Kid Rock and Mikey Bo worked on a song before the show. Expect a Kid Rock / Mikey Bo collab soon!

New Mikel Knight & Mikey Bo Music

It's been confirmed by both Mikey Bo and Mikel Knight, that the pair has recorded a number of tracks together in Nashville, TN. Here is some bio and information on Mikel Knight ( Myspace: ( Mikel Knight is a rap and urban artist originally from Houston, Texas. His career started at the age of fifteen, when he began writing music and performing at local South Texas clubs. Throughout his teens and into his twenties, Mikel slowly climbed to the top of the heap in the South Texas hip hop scene by crafting a fresh new sound that combined strong elements of pop and southern street rap. Mikey Bo's country influence (Nebraska) kicked into high gear on previous work he's done with Attitude & Bubba Sparxxx (Timbaland artists).

One of the first records to leak from the duo's work is called, "Mikel Knight - It All Lead Up 2 Now" you can download the Mikey Bo produced record at this link:

You can also preview a youtube clip at this link:

Thursday, April 10, 2008

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