Saturday, February 14, 2009

OFFICIAL NEWS: Mikey Bo Drop New Buzz Single & Myspace This Week

FINALLY!!! The Wait is over and it was far worth it. Mikey Bo come's back with 'fire'! his new myspace was launched by none other than Unik (Unique Streak) & The Bluri Music Group ( It's amazing and cutting edge and will def. bring in numbers of 'myspace site of the year.' People are already a-buzz on the cutting edge design and craftmenship. It is state of the art and groundbreaking at that. Mikey's craft is always ahead of the times.

To top it off, Bo's camp released the buzz record 'Hate Away' featuring one of Mikey's close friends from years prior, "David Verity'. Mikey's camp finally got behind the song after an unfortunate leak from another record label. It's SMOKING and already making its round across the world wide web (google it). The track was made for the intent of the Transformers 2 soundtrack (according to Keith Sutherland) and is not expected to be on Mikey's solo project. Consider us all quite lucky to get our hands on it. The track is amazing & Mikey sounds incredible. We're back!!!!