Wednesday, September 9, 2009

TOP STORY: Mikey Bo Fires His [New-York-City] Management Firm ‘Mood Swing 360’

Mikey Bo hasn't made news in quite some time. However, he sure raised some eyebrows today. Smart or stupid? Nobody knows just yet. However, Mikey Bo's attorney confirms termination paperwork towards his long-term management contract with Ricky Greenstein & Johnny Maroney. The top management firm 'Mood Swing 360' just lost another emerging act. ( Most recently, Mood Swing lost their artist, DJ AM, due to a tragic yet mysterious death. The firm currently manages acts such as Tila Tequila, DJ Green Latern, Schwayze, Pete Wentz, Sizzahandz amongst many others.

No word from Mikey Bo's camp has been issued on this termination. However, a Mood Swing 360 spokesman issued the following statement: "We hope there are no ill feelings from Mikey's camp and we wish him the best of luck in the future."

Blogs are already fired up on Bo's questionable future. Many are stating this might mark the end of his inspirational reign. Mikey Bo managed to become a dominant figure within his musical route. Most noteably recognized as a top Disc Jockey and emerging musical producer, Bo was just rising to new heights. His branding success & international exposure has been worth noting. His musical future remains questionable at this time.

Monday, August 31, 2009

New Nebraska Anthem Leaks Entitled EPIC (Produced By Mikey Bo)

It's official... the number is two. Two years, more specifically. That is the amount of time The Nebraska-lands have decided constitutes enough of a healing period for Mikey Bo to have endured for his previous ‘2007 Tunnel Walk Entrance’ sizzler. Now, it’s 2009 & Nebraska has put him back on the drawing board to stir up some needed odes to hail for their fighting Cornhusker's. Perhaps some leeway has to be given to the fact that the Nebraska born producer might not have known what hysteria was going to be caused by altering The Cornhusker's mighty entrance just two short years ago. This time; however, descends from a more seasoned vet who has currently positioned himself as one of the most dominant musical producers on the International market. Just two years ago, Nebraska knew Mikey Bo as a “DJ” and a possible emerging talent within the midwest market. Today, Mikey Bo is none other than ‘WHAT’S HAPPENING” is modern music. Bo has developed one of the biggest entertainment resume’s possible. Racking up tracks with artists such as Rihanna, The Rascal Flatt’s, Britney Spears, Timbaland, Missy Elliott, Quinton Storm, Keri Hilson, Chris Brown, Justin Timberlake, Petey Pablo & Simple Plan amongst many others. Hailed “Remixer Of The Year” by United Kingdom based iDJ MAGAZINE & The Chief Executive Officer of the multi-million visit website, Bluri; housing over nine corporate companies. Most recently, Bo’s been nabbed by MAJOR MOVIES FILMS to begin scoring top blockbuster films for 2010 & just landed a SOLO LP deal (additionally set to release in 2010). If people thought Bo’s previous criticisms with UNL’s music attempts were harsh, I wouldn't worry about him too much. It might just be safe to assume, from an accomplishment standpoint, working on risky tunnel track might not be something that would alter his mind set too much.

How and why this happened again? Well, Mikey Bo’s camp, plea’s the fifth on all aspects of his work with The University Of Nebraska. Bohuslavsky has never spoke on his work with UNL previously and still won’t today (according to his rep’s). However, rumors are a stir on what this record’s future might hold. Where will this track be used? Is this song taking the intro spot of this years Tunnel Walk? No one is too sure just yet, however, those close to Bo’s camp have stated the track will not be used within this years Tunnel Walk. However, it will be issued as a new fanfare for all aspects of The University Of Nebraska. Critic’s have already jumped aboard on Mikey Bo’s involvement by stating his work on this years University endeavor’s constitutes a possible tease for a brighter intent and future within UNL’s music market

Nonetheless, Bo dropped his sequel. The properly titled, “EPIC,” has hit the world wide web. The track was just reviewed by Filmtracks who scored the record a 9/10. Not only that, Filmtracks reviewed the track so pretentious in its expectations they intentionally reviewed the record as a “rapid-fire” sequel. Bo’s first attempt (in 2007) was co-orchestrated by Charlie Clouser and Alfonzo Lee Jones. The initial release went on to be placed by a number of vendor’s, most notably, the SAW MOVIES. For Husker collectors, there is much satisfaction in the continuing collaboration between Mikey Bo and his previous crew. The trio might have historically made another orchestral bravado of the times.

‘EPIC’ is a smash success, and will be claimed as such by us, before Nebraska’s ungrateful get ahold of it. Some Nebraska listeners won't be able to hear past the incessant ensemble hits (and their synthetic counterparts). Others might not see past the mix of the extremely heavy bass region at times, again emulating everything related to the crowd atmosphere. Part of this circumstance is also owed to the fact that Mikey Bo’s records are composed to adjust to UNL’s sound systems. Some complaints from fans about inconsistent sound quality in Memorial Stadium (which has hit a number of Nebraska chat rooms) won't matter for casual listeners because of the generally high range of the entire score.

Both Bo’s current and previous themes are quite memorable, generating even more than a simple impact. In the most basic sense, you can be assured that if the progression you're hearing is in the major key (or a combination of minor and major, ending in the latter), you're being treated to a representation of a full composition. In his previous attempt, Mikey Bo often relied upon a forceful blend of synthetic and organic sounds, employing an orchestra as his only tool with which to lend depth to his array of electronic keyboarding and sampled effects. Various grating sounds, some imitating percussion while other distorting brass effects, exist in slapping rhythms of dissonance on this attempt. A much more seasoned approach was made apparent this time around. Mikey Bo's work for The University comes excruciatingly close to earning a four-star rating from our perspective. It would otherwise be impossible to pass you by without as much as a single jolt to stir you from your slumber. Bo brings his pop/hip-hop experience into classic play, adding an addictive sway for all ages.

Beyond the review, Bo’s produced records for his hometown are resulting in other collegiate departments taking notice. Eight more schools have joined up on signature productions from alumni. Although, don’t expect other schools such as Missouri, Kansas State, Oregon State or Oklahoma to find such orchestration as this. Mikey Bo will easily keep Nebraska ahead of the curve. Not many can do what he does.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

BAD BOY RECORDS: Mikey Bo To Release New Gorilla Zoe Record

Gorilla Zoe puts promo behind his single’s latest mix (“Echo”) produced by, Mikey Bo. The second version of the single will give the track another needed buzz for urban/crossover radio.

Gorilla Zoe is an Atlanta rapper in the mold of Young Jeezy, whom he replaced in the Bad Boy group Boyz N da Hood. Both Atlantans have raspy voices, slow flows, simple rhymes. Gorilla Zoe's first taste of commercial success came with "Coffee Shop," a 2007 hit by Bad Boy labelmate Yung Joc. His debut single as a solo artist, "Hood Nigga," followed shortly thereafter, along with the accompanying debut album Welcome to the Zoo.

Gorilla Zoe's first album as
Jeezy's replacement in Boyz N da Hood, Back Up N da Chevy, was released next, also in 2007. The album spawned a series of singles, including "Everybody Know Me" and "We Ready." A collaborative single with Lil Wayne called "Lost" landed in late 2008, while the full-length Don't Feed Da Animals followed in March 2009, debuting atop the rap charts and cracking the Top 10 of the Billboard 200.

The new Mikey Bo produced track "Echo" is set to be release this week. We will keep you posted

Wednesday, July 29, 2009 Spots Mikey Bo

Mikey Bo was spotted by ( last week in Beverly Hills, CA. The website reported Bo was in town for Christina Milian and Big Billy Clark's Birthday Party celebrations. The site also reported that Mikey was still hard at work on his debut album arriving in 2010

stay tuned for more mikey bo news. we are working night and day to dig up more news!!!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mikey Bo Newly Leaked Record ‘On My Own’ Surfaces

Ever since Mikey Bo surfaced with his first single, HATE AWAY, his buzz has seemed to sky-rocket overnight. It seems lots of people were wondering where Bo disappeared to & they are more than pleased to report about it on all sorts of media outlets. Ever since his comeback our site here has tripled with hits.

Mikey has added a little more fizz to his recent underground hype within a b-side release to his past single 'Hate Away' (listen to Hate Away here: His newly sparked 'b-side' record, 'On My Own,' is breaking across the internet right now. The song features a group from Orlando, FL; CBC. We are currently researching CBC to get a better understanding on just who they are. Sources on other blogs are stating that CBC is a new signee to Mikey's record label, The Bluri Music Group (BMG). We will be posting more information on The BMG soon. Publicist, Ayisha Starkland has mentioned that an announcement from Bluri Music regarding the label will be coming soon. We will break that story here as soon as we get it.

In the meantime make sure to take a minute and checkout this rare/unreleased record that has surfaced on Mikey Bo. It's a pleaser:

Mikey Bo (feat CBC) - On My Own (Prod. By Mikey Bo)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

OFFICIAL NEWS: Mikey Bo Drop New Buzz Single & Myspace This Week

FINALLY!!! The Wait is over and it was far worth it. Mikey Bo come's back with 'fire'! his new myspace was launched by none other than Unik (Unique Streak) & The Bluri Music Group ( It's amazing and cutting edge and will def. bring in numbers of 'myspace site of the year.' People are already a-buzz on the cutting edge design and craftmenship. It is state of the art and groundbreaking at that. Mikey's craft is always ahead of the times.

To top it off, Bo's camp released the buzz record 'Hate Away' featuring one of Mikey's close friends from years prior, "David Verity'. Mikey's camp finally got behind the song after an unfortunate leak from another record label. It's SMOKING and already making its round across the world wide web (google it). The track was made for the intent of the Transformers 2 soundtrack (according to Keith Sutherland) and is not expected to be on Mikey's solo project. Consider us all quite lucky to get our hands on it. The track is amazing & Mikey sounds incredible. We're back!!!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Mikey Bo's Official Fansite Gets First Update In 4 Years

Good news for all of those Mikey Bo's fans. Mikey first burst onto the scene as a DJ in 2004. Our first gift was the invention of his official website: The site used to be ran by Branson Entertainment until the end of 2008. In 2009, Unique Streak and Mikey Bo's new camp ceased back control of the existing site. The current site features a new cover page hinting at the release of a new website later this year.

Zero news on his solo project or production schedule was enlisted within the content. Mikey is looking healthy & happy on the site though; smacking down all types of rumors on his dismissal in recent years. Bo seems to be ready to get back in the game after his 2 year hiatus.

Mikey Bo is expected to unleash his new myspace and website soon as we will keep you all posted..

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Mikey Bo Releases New Version Of 'Departed" With Pop Star, Brandy

Brandy has given us a new Mikey Bo Production. This single is entitled, 'Departed' and is the official remix to her smash single. The record is amazing and was featured on her website last week. bo's remixes are catching on like fire across major sites right now. His latest work with Brandy just earned him iDJ Magazine's remixer of the week. iDJ named five of his remixes on their article. (article will be coming soon). Lollipop, Womanizer, Best Best, What Hurts The Most & Kiss Kiss.

It would be hard not to mention them all. Bo's truly a master on the remixes & each one has been worthy of single stature. Bo commented on the brilliance of his partner, Alfonzo Jones. on his latest work. We will be finding more information on his soon.

Bo's version of 'Departed' can be found on his official myspace ( We hope you like it.

Britney Spears Brings Mikey Bo Aboard For "Womanizer Remix"

Mikey Bo has worked with Britney Spears & camp in the past. Bo revamped Spears' last single, 'Gimme More' with excellence. It would be hard to think the pair could come up with anything bigger than their last collab, but they did. Britney's latest remix of 'Womanizer' was snagged by Mikey Bo & has blasted with ad's. It scored the number one spot on's countdown three times in a row and was featured on Britney Spears' official website for two months. Rumors hit the Bo was also working on a remix to 'Circus" but this was squashed by Mikey's publicist, Keith Sutherland, who claimed Mikey was hard at work on other projects at this time.

The record features Omaha rapper, (Te') Pronounced (tay). The remix has been out for a few weeks already and is blasting its way across every fan site possible. This might be Mikey's most successful remix yet.

We are hoping Bo can asisst Britney's next album as well.

A New Mikey Bo Photo Surfaces

Mikey Bo has still managed to remain on the scene the past two years by doing limited remixes. productions & DJ work. What we haven't seen from him or his camp has been new cutting edge visuals. Bo has been known in the industry to have some outstanding visuals and marketing ploys. Unique Streak Imaging still runs all Bo's images.

Many fans are in hopes for a full fledged comeback in 2009. Mikey Bo's camp released one of the first pictures of him we've seen in two years, today, on his official myspace ( As you can see Mikey still looks great. We are hoping for his comeback to be sooner than later. By the looks of this photo, he still seems to be a superstar by first glance.

Rumors Bo has signed with Missy Elliott's label were squashed last month, but other rumors with Atlantic Records & Intercope have been kept to a mum. A new rumor has leaked that Bo's first solo record to assist in the promotion of this artist career will be entitled, "Hate Away" and will feature the r&b recording artist, David Verity. The two have done a number of records together in the past. We hope there is truth to this. Enjoy this photo.

Kanye West Leaks New. Mikey Bo. Version Of 'Love Lockdown'

Kanye West has leaked a new version of 'Love Lockdown'. The new remix version was done by, none other than, Mikey Bo. Bo blasted the remix off with a little tribal action smoothed over by some wicked synths. I personaly like this version much better and so do a host of other online blogs. The remix has taken off like wildifre across the net.

Mikey Bo has been limited on his remixes lately. hopefully some more great record can be expected soon. Rumors of an eventual Brandy, Coldplay & Chritinia Milian flip have hit the web. We will keep you posted.