Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Popeater.com Launches Mikey Bo Interview

We have finally got some Mikey Bo news and it just might be everything we've been wanting to here. Popeater [www.popeater.com] released a video interview today of Mikey Bo answering some questions & discussing his current career status with Linda Burke in Studio City, California.

Burke took to the emails and asked a lot of questions for their viewers. read below on a few excerpts:

There has been a number of reports about you working on a solo project? Is there any truth to this?

MikeyBo: Yea, i've been playing around in the studio for quite some time now. I've been putting in some work in the booth. There are times i'm happy with what i'm hearing and there are some other times that I'm not. I've been trying to be really patient with it. It's a big decision to put these songs out there. I want to make sure i'm happy with them and I'm starting to get to a place where I'm liking the records. Hopefully, something will be out soon. There has been a lot of pressure to make sure these work and are good. Time has always been the issue on what's going on with this. I'm just not too into rushing it.

Bluri Music is being suggested to launch this year? What can we expect from this and when?

MikeyBo: Sure, Bluri has been what i've donated much of my time to this past year. I just had a vision on where I wanted to go with my music and i've searched the country for people to help get that vision a reality along side me. We've signed a number of artists. It's been a real challenging role to adapt to. I've been working really hard on my own projects, yet at the same time i've been producing and A&R-ing theirs. We have about fourteen acts we're working real hard with right now. Lot's of my time has been trying to get this up and ready. It's been a real growing experience for me. So many songs. It's fun or has been fun I guess. It will be real rewarding to start to let some of these songs loose. We've worked real hard this past year and I'm excited to see where that work will take us."

So many bloggers and urban outlet's report that you really disappeared from the music scene over the past few years? Before we started this interview today we spoke about this a little. I remember working with you on an interview in Miami during your DJ years and I must say it's like meeting two different people here?

During those times I was jumping into a DJ career that was basically set up for me by a great management firm. I dove into something that changed my life overnight. I wasn't prepared for that as a person and I didn't have to do too much work to get it. I didn't know what the lifestyle of that life was like. I would say I adjusted to things in a way the regressed me back to where I was before I even started with my music. I first jumped into music because it was a passion in my life and I wanted to be responsible for that. I read somewhere that, that is how you find true happiness. My music career started because I got off track with my life and I wanted to find ways to be happy. So, I set out to do what my dreams foresaw. When that dream became a reality within months I dove right into it head first. What that brought me was a lot of misfortune and disappointment. I learned to true brutality of the industry. I learned that people are not so nice and that money derived everything, not the sounds. I basically went back home depressed and let down. Over the past few years I really sat back and reanalyzed my life. I needed to find out what was important to me. Just why I was pursuing this career basically. Was i doing it for me or was I doing it for the wrong reasons? I really dug into my faith, family and friends the past few years. I worked on healing some jaded wounds. I basically worked on becoming happy again and re-asking myself just what my passions in life were. Honestly, I'm in such a good place today. My friends back in Nebraska really saved me. I've been so lucky to have a great collective group of people who care nothing about what I could do or become, but rather who I am now. It's scary to sacrifice so much time of your life to something that might not ever come to be. I've donated the past five years of my life to a passion, a dream. To be successful at this type of risk comes from a strong foundation and I needed to rebuild that.

There was about 20 emails that poured into our website asking us to ask you about the productions you did for The University of Nebraska on a Tunnel Walk song? What is this about and why have you never spoken about it before to the Nebraska media?

(laughs) It's funny to me because i've worked on so many songs and been a part of some real cool projects and it seems I will always just be known in Nebraska as that guy who did that tunnel walk song. It's even made word all the way out here. (laughs). I've never really spoken about it before for a few reasons. First, I never really set out to do a song for UNL or change anything for the school. I've been a Nebraska fan my whole life so I was pretty much in the same seat as all the critics when I found out that the song was changing and a license was being sought for on the record. I wasn't too excited about that but at the same time I thought it could be a good move for the school to adapt to what some of the other programs were doing. I was disappointed how brutal the media was on it all. I was advised by a publicity company, I was with at the time, to dust it under the rug and go on with things and to decline all interviews. We felt anything I would have said would have been wrong, taken out of context or just made matters worse at the end of the day. Looking back I think that was the best thing I could have done was just walk away. There really was no need for me to say anything about it. The controversy that came from that was a little much and we had so many things going on at the time that I couldn't really sit and focus on that. It was a great honor to be a part of that and I hope some people liked the song. I regularly get emails, as well, asking where they can get an mp3 of the song. (laughs).

(See the FULL 20 MINUTE INTERVIEW on www.popeater.com)