Friday, June 20, 2008

Who’s Best-Best?

Timbaland Protégé’s Battle Off Over Missy Elliott’s “Best-Best” Single

Old school rap battles still take place on every street across the country. Beat battles have always surfaced amongst mixtapes and underground disc scratching contests but not too often do you see battles taking place across mainstream radio. Elliott always seems to have a trick up her sleeve and she did just that to get the promo started on her seventh studio album entitled, “Block Party.” The battle between Danjahandz and Mikey Bo’s production styles has officially begun over Elliott’s “Best Best” single. Both main stage producers remained under the working thumb of Timbaland years prior, now, both are breaking out on their own production tip. Missy Elliott enticed the festivities by releasing two versions of her debut single, one from each producer. The release comes street style; on the vote of who’s track is hotter. Danjahandz has already won the knod (according to Atlantic Records release information} ( However, the Mikey Bo version is crawling across radio stations and internet blogs faster than the original. So, why did Mikey Bo get the snub? Atlantic chose the Danjahandz production over Bo’s due to “branding” and “rankings” in comparison to Mikey‘s current status.

Bo hasn’t branded himself enough and remains too quiet in retrospect to Danja’s higher buzz within the industry. Bo commented on the single and Atlantic’s response, via telephone, stating; “I love the Danja single and I’m just happy Missy is coming back with her seventh album.” “She’s one of my idols and it’s just an honor to touch anything she’s involved in regardless of the outcome for myself.” “Sometimes the love for your craft comes before a dollar sign and just touching the song was honor enough for me.” “I’m also a big fan of Nathans (Danja) and the work he’s doing right now is amazing and I couldn’t be happier for him.” Bo was also put on the spot when asked about his work on his rumored debut album. His response: [a laugh, a short pause, another laugh and then a muttered,] “well, I’m just working on lots and don’t have too much to say about all that I guess.” Bo still won’t budge on any talk regarding his project. Mikey Bo is set to release a remixed track with Keri Hilson next week titled, “Energy.” Bo also has been rumored to be producing LL Cool J’s new artist “Izzo.”

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