Friday, September 19, 2008

Mikey Bo Reinvents Rascal Flatts Record For "Hip Hop Honors Mixtape"

The "Hip Hop Honors" Mixtape Collection was released today. The EP featured a number of rock, country, easy listening and adult contemporary records mixed for the Hip Hop ear. Producers such as Kanye West, Timbaland, Oak & System Central assisted on the remixing efforts. Tracks from Dido, Tori Amos, Enigma, Enya, Dixie Chicks & The Rascal Flatts were among those chosen. The records were meant to broadcast the evolution of Hip Hop in an experimental way.

The Mikey Bo remix to The Rascal Flatts, "What Hurts The Most" is a keeper and one of his best yet.

The Rascal Flatts - What Hurts The Most (Mikey Bo Remix)

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