Thursday, November 18, 2010


I've been thumbing through a number of emails over the past year coming into this site; asking what was going on within this page and why we stopped updating. We stopped updating because Mikey Bo seemed to stop putting out projects, music, news, etc.. We had nothing to report (sad face). However, this all has changed today (happy face). I received an amazing email this morning from his old publicist AYISHA STARKLAND. I will share the email in here as soon as I get her approval. Although she did give me some AMAZING news to update with.

Mr. Mikey Bo has left Bluri Incoporated (which is sad and disappointing) but he is relaunching a brand new company entitled KROWM ( [pronounced chrome] which is owned and operated by his new entertainment firm he started entitled bownd entertainment ( KROWM will be similar to what we've come acquainted to within Bluri. Ayisha said in her email Mikey "will be talking all about this in an interview shortly". It seems neither of the websites have officially launched but she said they will all be up before the first of the year.

On an even better foot, Mikey Bo is launching a comeback DJ career. He will be going on tour in 2011 (details coming soon) and he also has recorded his very own mixtape (solo artist) EP. The album will be titled "TARGET PRACTICE" and a tracklisting will be provided soon. She said 17 tracks are expected appear on the project as of today. [as soon as we get this information we will post it] is also set to launch before the new year (HAPPY FACE)

I also have included a few AMAZING & AWESOME pictures that have leaked on the world wide web this week by, and The photo's were done by Dave Christi Photography. ENJOY! Mikey is back!!! The wait and was worth it and I know we all cant wait to hear his new sounds.!

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