Monday, August 31, 2009

New Nebraska Anthem Leaks Entitled EPIC (Produced By Mikey Bo)

It's official... the number is two. Two years, more specifically. That is the amount of time The Nebraska-lands have decided constitutes enough of a healing period for Mikey Bo to have endured for his previous ‘2007 Tunnel Walk Entrance’ sizzler. Now, it’s 2009 & Nebraska has put him back on the drawing board to stir up some needed odes to hail for their fighting Cornhusker's. Perhaps some leeway has to be given to the fact that the Nebraska born producer might not have known what hysteria was going to be caused by altering The Cornhusker's mighty entrance just two short years ago. This time; however, descends from a more seasoned vet who has currently positioned himself as one of the most dominant musical producers on the International market. Just two years ago, Nebraska knew Mikey Bo as a “DJ” and a possible emerging talent within the midwest market. Today, Mikey Bo is none other than ‘WHAT’S HAPPENING” is modern music. Bo has developed one of the biggest entertainment resume’s possible. Racking up tracks with artists such as Rihanna, The Rascal Flatt’s, Britney Spears, Timbaland, Missy Elliott, Quinton Storm, Keri Hilson, Chris Brown, Justin Timberlake, Petey Pablo & Simple Plan amongst many others. Hailed “Remixer Of The Year” by United Kingdom based iDJ MAGAZINE & The Chief Executive Officer of the multi-million visit website, Bluri; housing over nine corporate companies. Most recently, Bo’s been nabbed by MAJOR MOVIES FILMS to begin scoring top blockbuster films for 2010 & just landed a SOLO LP deal (additionally set to release in 2010). If people thought Bo’s previous criticisms with UNL’s music attempts were harsh, I wouldn't worry about him too much. It might just be safe to assume, from an accomplishment standpoint, working on risky tunnel track might not be something that would alter his mind set too much.

How and why this happened again? Well, Mikey Bo’s camp, plea’s the fifth on all aspects of his work with The University Of Nebraska. Bohuslavsky has never spoke on his work with UNL previously and still won’t today (according to his rep’s). However, rumors are a stir on what this record’s future might hold. Where will this track be used? Is this song taking the intro spot of this years Tunnel Walk? No one is too sure just yet, however, those close to Bo’s camp have stated the track will not be used within this years Tunnel Walk. However, it will be issued as a new fanfare for all aspects of The University Of Nebraska. Critic’s have already jumped aboard on Mikey Bo’s involvement by stating his work on this years University endeavor’s constitutes a possible tease for a brighter intent and future within UNL’s music market

Nonetheless, Bo dropped his sequel. The properly titled, “EPIC,” has hit the world wide web. The track was just reviewed by Filmtracks who scored the record a 9/10. Not only that, Filmtracks reviewed the track so pretentious in its expectations they intentionally reviewed the record as a “rapid-fire” sequel. Bo’s first attempt (in 2007) was co-orchestrated by Charlie Clouser and Alfonzo Lee Jones. The initial release went on to be placed by a number of vendor’s, most notably, the SAW MOVIES. For Husker collectors, there is much satisfaction in the continuing collaboration between Mikey Bo and his previous crew. The trio might have historically made another orchestral bravado of the times.

‘EPIC’ is a smash success, and will be claimed as such by us, before Nebraska’s ungrateful get ahold of it. Some Nebraska listeners won't be able to hear past the incessant ensemble hits (and their synthetic counterparts). Others might not see past the mix of the extremely heavy bass region at times, again emulating everything related to the crowd atmosphere. Part of this circumstance is also owed to the fact that Mikey Bo’s records are composed to adjust to UNL’s sound systems. Some complaints from fans about inconsistent sound quality in Memorial Stadium (which has hit a number of Nebraska chat rooms) won't matter for casual listeners because of the generally high range of the entire score.

Both Bo’s current and previous themes are quite memorable, generating even more than a simple impact. In the most basic sense, you can be assured that if the progression you're hearing is in the major key (or a combination of minor and major, ending in the latter), you're being treated to a representation of a full composition. In his previous attempt, Mikey Bo often relied upon a forceful blend of synthetic and organic sounds, employing an orchestra as his only tool with which to lend depth to his array of electronic keyboarding and sampled effects. Various grating sounds, some imitating percussion while other distorting brass effects, exist in slapping rhythms of dissonance on this attempt. A much more seasoned approach was made apparent this time around. Mikey Bo's work for The University comes excruciatingly close to earning a four-star rating from our perspective. It would otherwise be impossible to pass you by without as much as a single jolt to stir you from your slumber. Bo brings his pop/hip-hop experience into classic play, adding an addictive sway for all ages.

Beyond the review, Bo’s produced records for his hometown are resulting in other collegiate departments taking notice. Eight more schools have joined up on signature productions from alumni. Although, don’t expect other schools such as Missouri, Kansas State, Oregon State or Oklahoma to find such orchestration as this. Mikey Bo will easily keep Nebraska ahead of the curve. Not many can do what he does.