Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mikey Bo Newly Leaked Record ‘On My Own’ Surfaces

Ever since Mikey Bo surfaced with his first single, HATE AWAY, his buzz has seemed to sky-rocket overnight. It seems lots of people were wondering where Bo disappeared to & they are more than pleased to report about it on all sorts of media outlets. Ever since his comeback our site here has tripled with hits.

Mikey has added a little more fizz to his recent underground hype within a b-side release to his past single 'Hate Away' (listen to Hate Away here: His newly sparked 'b-side' record, 'On My Own,' is breaking across the internet right now. The song features a group from Orlando, FL; CBC. We are currently researching CBC to get a better understanding on just who they are. Sources on other blogs are stating that CBC is a new signee to Mikey's record label, The Bluri Music Group (BMG). We will be posting more information on The BMG soon. Publicist, Ayisha Starkland has mentioned that an announcement from Bluri Music regarding the label will be coming soon. We will break that story here as soon as we get it.

In the meantime make sure to take a minute and checkout this rare/unreleased record that has surfaced on Mikey Bo. It's a pleaser:

Mikey Bo (feat CBC) - On My Own (Prod. By Mikey Bo)

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