Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A New Mikey Bo Photo Surfaces

Mikey Bo has still managed to remain on the scene the past two years by doing limited remixes. productions & DJ work. What we haven't seen from him or his camp has been new cutting edge visuals. Bo has been known in the industry to have some outstanding visuals and marketing ploys. Unique Streak Imaging still runs all Bo's images.

Many fans are in hopes for a full fledged comeback in 2009. Mikey Bo's camp released one of the first pictures of him we've seen in two years, today, on his official myspace ( As you can see Mikey still looks great. We are hoping for his comeback to be sooner than later. By the looks of this photo, he still seems to be a superstar by first glance.

Rumors Bo has signed with Missy Elliott's label were squashed last month, but other rumors with Atlantic Records & Intercope have been kept to a mum. A new rumor has leaked that Bo's first solo record to assist in the promotion of this artist career will be entitled, "Hate Away" and will feature the r&b recording artist, David Verity. The two have done a number of records together in the past. We hope there is truth to this. Enjoy this photo.

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